Virginia and Adam’s wedding at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch is an amazing venue if you’re looking for views across London as you tie the knot.

Virginia and Adam were married in their ceremony room whose massive windows allowed them to enjoy panoramic views of the capital from the 7th floor of this awesome venue.


Virginia and her two bridesmaids got ready in one the hotel rooms on what felt like one of the hottest days of the year so far. They did well to keep cool with fans and ice, which the hotel supplied as they recognised with any wedding at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch there are always a lot of people when the bride is getting and guest comfort is paramount.

The room had one huge window, the space in front of this window was prime real estate for hair, make up and photography so at whilst Virginia had a generously sized room we were all bunched up next to the window, not helping the heating situation. However the fan came in handy to cool everyone down and to create fashion photography like movement to Virginia’s hair for a couple of the shots.


The Ceremony was in a very light room with views across London. If your planning to have your wedding at the Ace Hotel Shorditch, you can expect to experience an industrial styled building and a ceremony room which, follows this theme wonderfully. There is so much light in the ceremony room that it can be difficult to manage the exposure and trying to photograph the couple and the view is a real balance, especially as I always try not to use flash during the ceremony.

Despite some of the photographic difficulties, I loved the room, it was so nice to have such great light and the incredible view. As a photographer I would definitely choose this venue over a dark church any day.


Following the ceremony the couple has some time to relax with their guests in the bar area and outside on the terrace. It was clear that the staff love a wedding at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch, they were very efficient, they made sure that everyone was comfortable and they were really professional in the approach to the wedding. I was very grateful to them for helping me to get to prime locations in the hotel in order for me to get some necessary shots.

The Ace Hotel Shoreditch is located on Shoreditch High Street, which is perfect for getting some great urban couple shots. Virginia and Adam did not want to leave their guests for too long so we only strayed a minutes walk from the hotel to a side street just off the high street for some photos. These did however provide a sense of place as the graffiti and brick work is instantly recognisable to those who know this area well.

When we arrived back at the hotel I took some photos of the couple on their own terrace, which was perfect for showing the London skyline off in the background. The Ace Hotel Shoreditch overlooks the Gherkin making providing photos with this iconic skyline irritable to any wedding photographer shooting here.

I loved the location of this wedding but more so the couple injected their own fun and enthusiasm which brought the whole event to life. They have a great family and wonderful friends and I wish them every success in their new lives together as husband and wife.

I loved the location of this wedding, but even more so I loved the way this wonderful couple injected their own fun and enthusiasm into the day, bringing the whole event to life.

a selection of VIRGINIA + ADAM's photographs.


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