I’ve never done an Aberystwyth wedding and to be given the opportunity was great! I love to travel and get a change of scenery and the country side, sea scape and natural beauty that presented itself to me for this Aberystwyth wedding did not disappoint. Helen and Tom are local to the area, however, they live near London and we got a chance to meet up for their engagement shoot earlier this year.

Tom and Helen chose St Padarn’s church for the ceremony of their Aberystwyth wedding, this church was very local to Helen’s family home where she got ready with her bridesmaids and parents. The church was very picturesque and set back a little from the modest high street in the village.


One of the issues with photographing an Aberystwyth wedding is that I was only able to scout out locations the day before the wedding when I arrived in Aberystwyth. However, I did some research and came up with a couple of really nice locations, but the light was flat and I could be guaranteed of any better weather the following day.

Fortunately I was given some local knowledge from the driver of the wedding car, he told me that a lot of the good photographer’s go to a location on the harbour. I was a little concerned, I knew that I didn’t have much time and I had already had some good ideas in mind. But I threw caution to the wind and deferred to his greater knowledge.

The harbour was glorious we were in luck with the weather, Dave, the friendly driver with the local knowledge, came up trumps! He told me that this had been by far the best day for weather all year, you could have been mistaken for thinking we were in the Med not Wales!

Helen and Tom took the knowledge that they learned from the engagement shoot and put it in to practice, ensuring that we did not have to spend too long getting the couple’s photos to look right. The public were very gracious and kept out of the way, allowing us to get on and snag those all important images.

Helen had an amazing veil, something I’m seeing a lot of this season, veils are obviously in vogue. The veil is a great way of creating some drama and motion in to the image. I like to the use a wide angle lens, typically I shoot with a 24mm and in this case I picked the veil up and shot through it and just a little over it. It’s great when you can use the veil to lead you in to the image or just create another layer to make for a more dynamic photo.


Helen and Tom chose to have their reception at a golf club set in the heart of the welsh countryside with views over Aberystwyth. Helen’s parents run a successful catering business so were able to provide exquisite food for all of Helen and Tom’s guests. Also one of the couple’s friends runs a circus skills course and gave some of the guests a crash course in cracking whips. This was a lot harder than it looked, I did have try but was only able to manage a small crack. However, I did enjoy getting some action shots of the guests enjoying the entertainment.

Following the wedding breakfast we were blessed with some beautiful golden light as the sun went down over the country side. I took the opportunity of getting Helen and Tom outside for some couples shots, the light and the Welsh countryside made for a perfect end to this Aberystwyth Wedding.

beautiful golden light as the sun went down over the welsh countryside made for a perfect end to this aberystwyth wedding.

a selection of HELEN + TOM's photographs


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