When I met Erika and Hayley for their engagement shoot they were so excited about their Chelsea wedding. Which they explained was a small affair to be shared with their nearest and dearest.

I hadn’t done a same sex wedding up to this point and I knew that this was going to be such a cool wedding. Both Erika and Hayley are very hip and trendy women who have the best energy.

As this was my first same sex wedding it did come with some challenges, for example as a documentary wedding photographer I normally lean more towards brides story; in the case of a same sex wedding where there are two brides, there are two stories running along side each other.   Running the risk of each diluting the overall story of the day.

I’m glad to say that the addition of another bride added to the narrative due to the fact that they have such a fantastic chemistry together, to cut a long story short this same sex wedding in Chelsea rocked! I loved everything about it. There were two wedding dresses, two camper vans and off course two stunning brides. What more could a wedding photographer ask for.

The Ceremony took place at Chelsea Town Hall. Because this was a same sex wedding Erika and Hayley could break from tradition and choose to walk down the aisle together, however, Erika waited eagerly for Hayley to come down the aisle with her father and be given away.

Following the ceremony there was a gathering for the guests in the grounds of a local church, where they enjoyed drinks and food. This was also the place to get the all important group and couples photos.

Couples photos for this same sex wedding was not difficult. I was mindful that the normal poses I use may need to be adapted but actually Erika and Hayley were both so amazing together and the chemistry between them just flowed; helping us to capture some wonderful moments.

After the couples photos Erika and Hayley went off to have an intimate meal with their guests in a swanky local restaurant. I loved telling their story and I wish them every happiness in the years to come.

To cut a long story short, this wedding in Chelsea rocked! I loved everything about it.

a selection of ERIKA + HAYLEY's photographs.


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